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Talbots is an American specialty retailer and direct marketer of women's clothing, shoes and fashion accessories. As of 2018, the company operated 495 Talbots stores in the United States: 425 core Talbots stores (412 U.S), 65 Talbots Factory Outlets (U.S.) and five Talbots Clearance stores (4 U.S.).

Talbots has delivery issues, it can take up to 10 days for the product to be sent, and their merchandise have lower quality than before and are overpriced, according to a review by Maryann at sitejabber.com

"I've been waiting two weeks for my delivery! They choose the cheapest method of Fed Ex delivery and it sits for days in a Fed Ex trailer to be picked up, gets to one area, and sits for another 5 days. When I call they say a "delay". Their merchandise is overpriced and not the same quality as it used to be. Very disappointing!"


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Susan Van Cleve says

"I just spent over 2 hours trying to get through to Customer Service on the phone and was hung up on twice and transferred twice to the wrong person. I am beyond frustrated. I have a Merchandise credit- no idea why I have this- and am trying to find out why I did not receive a credit to my account instead of a merchandise credit. Is Talbots become a place who just tries to keep our money???? I have shopped at Talbots for over 30 years but am seriously considering never shopping here again."

Peter Huggard says

"I'm busy so I paid to have all my gifts gift wrapped. What I got for $6 per gift was:1) Talbot branded boxes, 2) loose ribbons, and 3) Talbot branded name tags. So basically paying to promote Talbots brand. The bottom line is that I had to wrap all my presents anyway. Definitely misleading- at best. Downright dishonest at worst."

Nancy Lawson says

"I am a long time customer of Talbots and generally enjoy the clothes that I buy there. My last purchase was a pair of "nightfall wash" jeans. I washed them before I wore them. I discovered to my horror that the dye in the jeans transferred to my "new" white sofa. I have had no luck removing the dye on the upholstery. I am very disappointed!!"

John Elliott says

"I was told Ross Park Mall closes at 6 by an employee. I was in the store at 5:55. Never greeted but she managed to tell me they are closing. Dropped two sweaters worth $150 on a table. Poor Customer Service"

DWright says

"Have been a Talbot’s customer for 20+ years. Usually satisfied with their medium priced, but good quality clothing. BUT....I have been trying to place an online order for 2 days. The website is unresponsive; phoning them results in absolutely no human response even after excruciatingly long wait times."

Laura says

"Very upsetting experience. I am based in Canada and when I signed in for the Talbot membership in one of the Canadian Talbots store, I started getting a newsletter advising me of sales. I ordered a $50 dress online and paid another $15 for shipping... only to then have an additional $19 in "custom fees" to FedEx given that the item was shipped out of the US (something that was never mentioned to me). So a total of $84 for a denim dress! FedEx kept changing the delivery date and location moreover. And when I called the Talbots Customer Service, they could not do anything (not even provide me with a voucher) except a refund if I was to return the dress. I will never purchase anything from Talbots ever"

Lois Weber says

"I ordered some boots on sale online aseveral days ago but have yet to receive a confirmation. Since they have run the charge I decided to call customer service yesterday to see if they had the order. The nice agent found my order and said she would send me a copy as soon as she got off the phone. She even confirmed my email address. She obviously lied to me because I am still waiting. Wish I had read the reviews before ordering online from Talbots. I shop a lot online and this was a new experience for me."

Canadian Customer says

"I want to let Talbots know about difficulties my 90 year old mother has had with the Talbots Credit Card (managed by Comenity Bank). My Mom lives in the US and has shopped at Talbots for over 40 years. Last fall, for the first time in her life, she forgot to pay her bill (she lives in an assisted living home). When I visited her in late fall, I saw this was the case, called to get all of the up-to-date charges and paid the bill and the late charges off with my credit card. We then cut up the card. She is unable to order from any store without help at this point in her life. Then when the pandemic hit, she began to get calls harassing her for payments from Comenity bank. They said she still owed late charges. This time my brother got on the phone, paid the late charges and was told her balance was zero. Then this Fall, my mom started receiving harassing calls once again from Comenity bank. My brother called, talked to many representatives and could get no satisfaction. He finally paid late charges again (third time!) and then he had to get my mother to call them to officially cancel the card (and none of us can be with her in person to help her). Not easy! I associate Talbots with good service and helpful personnel. They have hired a bank that is either incompetent or fraudulent. I expect better than this from Talbots."

Celica Mohammed says

"I ordered a beautiful jacket, luxe italian navy. The sales rep via phone order helped me select a dress pant that she was sure was the match to the suit jacket. It arrived and was not a match. I called and explained, another rep picked what was supposed to be "the one" the pant that would match color and texture of the jacket. Again, it was not even close. Why are the sales reps at Talbots unknowledeable on their italian luxe products ? This was a very unsatisfying experience. I like a suit to be seamless, the colors of jacket and pant should be same, but in this case color and texture was different, not quality I expect from Talbots. From unsatisfied customer."

Carol Conte says

"The store was promoting ,buy one article and get the second for 50 percent off. I only wanted a sweater and went to use my 40 percent coupon off fall items. I was denied due to the store promotion. I call that false advertising and I was very annoyed. If you send coupons and then decide you can't use them that is unacceptable. If you want business, that is not how to go about getting mine."

Harry Zeisz says

"I am fed up with Talbots shipping. I am a frequent shopper and love their clothes but their shipping is unreliable. They have the most expensive clothing yet use the cheapest delivery service in FedEx. I placed an order exactly 2 weeks ago and FedEx can’t even tell me where it is. I shop online frequently and am not having this problem except with Talbots. Don’t order from Talbots if you need something relatively quickly."

Christine Church says

"I am writing a review from Denver and the Aspen Grove Store. Placed an online order for two Items. One was in the Flash sale of 24 hours. Both items were at the Aspen Grove Store at 3:00 pm. At 5:00 pm, I received an email saying the Luxe Polished Denim pants were sold out and I could come pick of the chinos. No phone call, no follow up to say . "We do not have these in the store, let me help you order these for direct shipment to your home." Nothing like this. The store closed at 6:00 pm. At 6:45 pm, I placed a call to customer service online. Recording said" not taking calls due to the Flash Sale, call back tomorrow. " Note if you call back tomorrow, the Flash sale price does not apply..... They may be purposely not wanting to actually sell the items on the Flash Sale. As I did not want to make the trip to the Aspen Grove store for the other item, I attempted to cancel my order. Based upon the feedback from the Online Chat, I had to do that directly with the store. Called the store... left a message at 7:00 pm. The only way based upon the information from the Chat customer service to actually receive the pants at the discount (as they were still available online) was to re order them. (i.e. start all over which I had already spent time doing this and of course pay for shipping). I have / had been a customer of Talbots since 1993. My mistake in thinking Talbots was a higher end store and that they had the Customer Service to match. Even stores like Eddie Bauer, the number 1 Sporting Goods store and of course Nordstroms would have called you and worked with you to receive the products you ordered. These stores have this in place during normal business. You would think that to minimize contact this would be the norm. My only guess is Talbots really does not need my business."

Laurie Carter DeWitt says

"I paid extra for fast shipping and was told it would arrive on a Friday. The day before I was notified it wont arrive until the next day. I am leaving early Saturday and won't be here to bring the package in. In fact I am gone for quite a while. I would not have ordered the clothing and paid extra shipping fees if they could not have done as they promised. I am disappointed they did not notify me they could not meet the day they promised. Now I need to go shopping for replacements of what I needed for my trip and make arrangements to have the late delivery picked up."

Jade Xie says

"1:I ordered 2 pairs of pants online to pick up in-store after I picked them up, I ordered more to ship to my home, later, I received a pickup reminder, I mistakenly thought my second order was arrived very fast and went to the store to pick them up, but the worker gave me one more time the first order which was picked up by me already, I did not accept it, (she didn't show her gratitude), and meanwhile, I returned one of the pants from my first order, later I saw they charge me one more time instead of a refund, I called them, and I was told the pending transaction does not mean truly charge, but later I saw they charged me twice for one pair of pants, so I disputed the transaction instead of calling the store stuff again. 2: After some days I went again to the North Wales PA store to return my online orders, (Maybe I returned too many because the wrong size).when I checked the receipt and found they missed a refund of one piece of pants, I called them and finally corrected it, I did not complain, I expected to hear any apologies.but nothing。 I don’t care that they make a lot of mistakes but I hope they have a better attitude"

J. Davis says

"I am so disappointed in Talbots. For decades, it was my go-to for the foundation of my wardrobe. Tshirts, shirts, sweaters, coats, There are many days that I look down, and everything I am wearing is a Talbots piece. BUT! The last 5 or so years, it has taken a Nose dive. Quality is down (not the prices down to match!) And now-- the previously Excellent Customer Service has been seriously down graded. I see that someone else has a problem with the Comentity Bank that is their charge system. I was so let down that I have switched completely to my own Banking, and dropped theirs. Gone is the Quality experience, with the Quality Service. No longer can I count on them. So very Sad, watching a great Brand lose its Customer Base."

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